Saturday, 30 August 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Who's happy it's the weekend?

Hope everyone is well and up for a few lifestyle photos?

It was my dad's birthday and I won't mention his age because he's probably feeling very old... ;) He isn't old at all but he probably feels it!

We hadn't really planned much of a day for him really but we ended up doing quite a lot in my opinion!

This morning we met my gran, grandad and the dogs at a cafe by the beach for breakfast which was then followed by bowling!!

Bowling is the only thing that I took photos of today but I thought I'd share them with you anyway so, enjoy a few snaps!

Action shot of the sibling!

I always look like an absolute idiot in action shots! What is my hand doing!?

Action shot of the mother!

Action shot of the birthday boy plus some random man in the background, hi random man!

Tried to be creative with my photography but it's surprisingly hard to do in a bowling alley!

Again, trying to be creative doesn't work in this particular location!

I love going bowling now even though I'm rubbish at it however, you don't have to wear the awful, sweaty bowling shoes at my local alley anymore! They allow you to wear trainer-type shoes if you're wearing them which makes me unbelievably happy because that's the worst bit about going bowling!

Scores by the end of our games! I came third or second, not really too sure...I'm not great at maths!

I'm sorry this wasn't a really interesting post today but I thought I'd do something in honor of my dad's birthday but I'll be back tomorrow with a motivational post so that's something new to keep your eyes peeled for!

See you tomorrow!

Bec x

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