Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Winter GRWM | Date Night

This is the first Get Ready With Me I’ve ever done so I apologise if it isn’t the best but if you guys like to see them then I’m sure I’ll get better with practice!

I decided to do it slightly differently, well I’m not sure if it is different or not but I’ll explain anyway! I think Get Ready With Me’s are best on YouTube because it’s something that’s much easier to film than it is to photograph, however I wanted to give it a go so this is how it’s gonna work:
This will include all of the stages up to makeup but I’m not going to show you anything past makeup (e.g. the makeup itself, hair or the outfit) because then the post starts to get too long with too many photos! So, you’ll see the finished look but a full tutorial will go up later. Sound good? I hope you understood that because I think I made it even more confusing than it actually is…

Let’s just get on with it!

Before I did anything I painted my nails! The whole point behind this GRWM was for date night with my boyfriend (we went to Bella Italia if anyone cares!) So I thought I’d make myself feel even better and paint my nails. There’s something really satisfying about having pretty nails… I used this really dark blue from French Connection. This was actually a birthday gift from a friend and it doesn’t actually have a shade but I guess you can see in the pictures!

I appreciate these photos actually look like the polish is's not!

Then I went ahead and plucked some of the stray hairs that I wish wouldn’t constantly grow out of the middle section of my eyebrows. Is it just me that finds these hairs totally annoying and completely pointless!?

Anyone notice I got highlights put in!?

Now is where the fun begins… Lots of skincare! I rarely get the chance to really pamper my skin because I’m so busy all the time so since I had about 3 hours before I had to be anywhere I thought it was a great excuse to have a bit of a pamper and a bit of a chill!

I used a range of products shown in the image above. If you would like to see reviews on any of the products shown in this post please let me know also!

I do a lot of my cleansing and scrubs for my face in the shower so I went in and did that there. However before I finished the rest of my face, I went to put on some of my favourite gradual tan so that it had time to dry.

This is actually a tap so I'm not sure why it's here but it looked like a cool photo...

Once I finished tanning, I put on a face mask which was super relaxing. Enjoy this picture of me with an extremely tight face!

Pre face mask application...

Extremely tight face! I'm aware it doesn't actually look like I have one on but it was a clear one.

Once I had finished using all of the face products I wanted to including nose strips and moisturiser as photographed above, I moved onto a couple of hair products that go on before I’ve dried my hair.

Not sure why I look like some sort of lunatic in half of these photos...

When I finished drying my hair, I moved straight onto my makeup because my hair often goes a little crazy after being blown about with the hairdryer so it needs time to calm down. Here is a picture of the finished makeup look and a couple of pictures I took part way through!

Tutorial to come soon?

Once the makeup was finished, I put a couple more products on my hair e.g. heat protectant and then I straightened it before getting my glad rags on! 

And that's it! Some very serious selfies near the end there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Please also don't forget to check out my previous post if you haven't seen it already: there's an amazing 20% discount code available for a gorgeous website so please do go check that out!

See you next time!


  1. Becca you look beautiful! Loved this post 💜

  2. Hey becca, you're so gorgeous! I nominated you for the liebster award - more people need to see your blog haha!! heres a link to my blog so you can answer the questions, you dont have to if you dont want to though!!

    big love xx

    1. I've partaken in the Liebster Award before but I'd love to do it again! Thanks for nominating me, you're so kind! x

  3. you look great, loving the eyeliner!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  4. you look so stunning in all of these!! x