Friday, 8 January 2016

Guest Post By Peter Minkoff | Beauty Lovers Birthday Gift Guide

There is no better day like a birthday, to give someone the perfect gift they have wanted for so long. I am always so excited at that time of the year when I have the opportunity to make my friends and family happy. However, sometimes we can be in a quandary, for we cannot decide what to buy or we have run out of gift ideas. Fortunately, this year that will not be the case. Numerous and versatile birthday gift ideas are coming right up.

Beauty Gift Extraordinaire
A set of make-up, body care products, or makeup brushes can be the perfect ready-to-gift box. A cosmetic bag with mascara, an eyeshadow palette, a bronzer, and a lip-gloss will definitely bring a smile to any girl’s face on her birthday. Moreover, you can put in a couple of makeup brushes for perfect finishing along with it.  What is a make-up without appropriate tools for applying it, right?
However, if you are shopping for a true beauty lover, a set of 12 make-up brushes in a brush stand will be an even better gift. Today’s make-up is all about contouring; therefore, you need the best tools to achieve that impeccable Kylie Jenner look. From many face brushes, a blender brush, through two concealer brushes all the way to three eye brushes and a lip brush, the collection contains all of the essentials a girl needs to look flawless.
Another option for a fancy birthday gift is to get a beauty treatment such as fraxel laser for rejuvenating dry skin. Namely, this beauty procedure will be of great help for those who need additional improvement and moisturizing of facial skin. After this helpful treatment an organic Argan oil is a total must since it moisturizes deeply, it nourishes the skin, softens and repair irregularities in any area of your face and body.
Additionally, a skin care set with four must-have products is perfect for those with sensitive skin. A mild pH-balanced facial cleanser works wonders with its foaming lather. The facial moisturizer is perfect for dry skin and it will provide it with great care. Finally, a nightly and daily reviving concentrate will keep skin gorgeous and radiant.
More Beauty Gift Ideas
Every girl dreams of having the perfect hairstyle every day, but without having to go to a hairstylist. Now this is finally possible, thanks to the many manufacturers of hairstyling products. From a professional blow dryer, through a curling or flat iron and all the way to an all in one hairstyle, the choices are vast. Find out discretely what your friend or a sister would want more, out of all these products and that can be the ultimate birthday gift. 
Finally, for those who already have the full spectrum of make-up in their home, a make-up train case would be the most unique gift of all. Now she will have her make-up ready at all times, for any trip. I know I would be thrilled to get one of those cases. I would instantly go on a road trip just so that I can carry the bag around with me.
Birthdays for this year are approaching, so it is high time you started searching for the best ideas for beauty gifts. Have these suggestions in mind, incorporate them into your present and the ultimate gift is all set for beauty lovin’ birthday girls and boys.



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