Saturday, 2 July 2016

One Pair of Jeans, Four Looks

I think one thing in life that us ladies have to deal with is being very busy. We’re all just generally very busy people, and this often involves going straight from one place to another.
This can be super difficult sometimes, especially when there are completely different dress codes for different occasions and events that you need to be attending.
To help you avoid or solve this problem, I have put together 4 outfits for 4 completely different events or occasions by only changing my top and shoes. I have used the same pair of jeans in every single outfit. It’s much easier to change your top and shoes than your pants, much quicker to do.
The jeans I have used in this post are the Topshop Joni style in the washed out black which now looks more like grey after all the washes they’ve had but we’ll continue anyway!
This look is smart casual I would say. The shirt and heels create the smart part of the outfit, but the jeans make it look much more casual and relaxed. I wouldn’t say this is fully office wear, but I suppose that all depends on how strict your office dress code is! I don’t work in an office or anything like that so I don’t own any smart pants but this would definitely be a suitable outfit if you were meeting someone to discuss some important arrangement or something along those lines because it shows you can create a good balance between smart and casual.
This outfit has a very casual and very comfortable off-the-shoulder khaki top. This is the most comfortable top I have ever owned. This is so easy to wear and I have just paired it with some really casual purple snakeskin flats. This is a go-to outfit for me when I am going to sixth form because it is so easy to create and it still looks like I might have made a little bit of effort and thought about my outfit a little bit… It’s also super comfortable which I think is important too!
In this outfit I have paired the jeans with a casual cream tank top or camisole or whatever you want to call it. It has a little bit of embroidered detail on the front which I don’t know if you can see on here and it also has cross straps at the back which makes it quite interesting. It is also a really comfortable top as it is loose fitting and perfect for hot summer weather – if we get any… I then put on my white high-top converse because these shoes just go with anything really and I think they are my most comfortable pair of shoes. They are so versatile as well you can wear them for a lot of occasions.
In this final outfit I have paired the jeans with a black chiffon v-neck vest top. It has cross-over detail on the front in the v-neck which makes it more interesting and it has adjustable spaghetti straps. I have then put on a pair of black heeled boots. The heel is only a couple of inches so they are that perfect balance between casual and club shoes. I wear these everyday as well as at night, I think they work really well for any time of day, dependent on how you dress them. I have worn this outfit in particular when I have been going out for a meal etc. I think the gold zip down the side of the boot also adds something a little bit extra.
So, there are my 4 different looks using the same pair of jeans! I think this actually helped me realise how many different outfits I can get out of one pair of jeans! I hope it was just as helpful for you!
If you are looking for a pair of versatile pants, head over to the Betabrand website and have a look at their selection of ladies’trousers. (It is primarily an American site but you can change the currency and order from the UK as they ship worldwide). They have a huge selection of colours, shapes and styles for you to browse through and I’m sure there are multiple uses for each pair! Happy shopping!
Have a go at creating multiple outfits with one pair of trousers yourself! Or even better, have a go at it with one top and see how many bottoms you can fit to it!


  1. I love the look of joni jeans with heels, they make everyone's legs look so long and elegant (although yours look like that with flats anyway!). I love the converse look, I really need a pair of converse but there are also other shoes that I say I 'need' but I'm really tossing up between a pair of burgundy creepers or black converse. Also, you look so stunning in all these photos, you're just such a stunning person in general!x

    1. Libby!!! Haven't heard from you in so long! Glad you liked the post! Joni Jeans and Converse are literally my daily outfit! Thank you so much Libs x