Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Simple Back to School Hairstyles

It's Wednesday!

So, I mentioned on Monday that I was ending my back to school series today with some simple hairstyle ideas that you can use ready for going back to school.

I've chosen 5 really simple hairstyles that you can try out - some of these were new to me too so if some aren't brilliant they're probably the new ones!

I  haven't done tutorial type things here I've just taken pictures of the hairstyles and described them a little bit but if there are any of these hairstyles in particular or any other hairstyles in general that you would like me to do a tutorial on, I would be happy to hear about them in the comments :)

WARNING! This blog post features a lot of posing!

Hairstyle Number One...

Quiffed Half Up - Half Down (I totally made that name up!)

I guess my made up name for this hairstyle is quite self explanatory... It's basically my fringe quiffed at the front and then I've gathered the top layer of hair to the back of my head and put it in a bobble like the standard half up - half down style.

Hairstyle Number Two...

Au Natural

Again, the title for this one is also quite self explanatory! I've done nothing other here than wash my hair and blow dry my fringe. The rest of my hair was allowed to dry naturally and this was the turnout!

Hairstyle Number Three...

Half Fishtail

Again, very self explanatory! Basically started doing a fishtail at the back of my head and just didn't finish it! This was actually accidental as I dropped my hair and it all clumped together but I turned it into a new hairstyle and it seems to work! I just pulled at it a little bit to make it messy as that's the way I prefer to wear fishtails.

Hairstyle Number Four...

Braid Hairband

I got this idea from a video the amazing Zoella did a while ago so you may have seen it before over there! I've only just found out I can do this hairstyle because when she first posted her video, I tried it out but my hair was too short! So happy I can finally do it!

Hairstyle Number Five...

Braid Hairband - Ponytail

All I did here was the previous hairstyle but instead I pulled my hair back into a high ponytail instead of having it down! :)


Both the top and the pants are from TOPSHOP :)

Thought I'd through in a little bonus OOTD at the end there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and like I always say, even if this post only helped one person out then I'm happy enough.

See you on Friday for a review!

Becca x


  1. Your fringe really suits you! Great post xxx

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