Friday, 19 September 2014

60's/70's Inspired Outfit

Everybody's favourite day of the week...FRIDAY!

It's a very well deserved Friday for me I think, it's been a long week.

I've done a couple of 60's/70's themed posts in the last week and this is continuing today and also the last part will be put up on Monday so look out for that.

Today I have a 60's/70's inspired outfit for you if you didn't already get that by the title. As you may know from my post last weekend, my friend had a 60's/70's themed Sweet 16. You can see the photos from the night here and you can also see my makeup tutorial for the night here.

Themed parties are a brilliant excuse for outfit, hair and makeup ideas so I'm bringing it all in to a little 60's/70's series I guess! Hope all of my regulars are enjoying it so far!

So, I'm sorry I couldn't really get anyone to take any proper photos of my outfit for me because I was in such a rush but I did manage to take a couple of quick mirror shots before I went out! I'll also post a couple of photos from the actual party just to give you a slightly better idea!


So, the dress is a fancy dress outfit don't worry, this isn't something I picked up in Primark or anything! It's actually my mum's because I didn't really have anything 60's/70's style but she had this from a fancy dress party she went to a while ago so I just borrowed it for the night! It is a size 14 so I had to put a silver belt around the waist because otherwise I looked like it was drowning me.

I love the pattern because it's so pretty and retro however, the one thing I HATE is the stupid little sequin type things that are all over it. They're the type of thing that used to be on every fancy dress costume you had as a kid and they just fall off and then you're finding them all over the place for months after you've worn them. You know exactly what I mean ladies, don't deny it.

This dress has flared sleeves which I thought was going to be really annoying but actually it wasn't. I think the flared sleeves really push the 60's/70's theme and look really good with the shape of the dress.

I don't really know what to say about where I got it from because it was bought absolutely ages ago and it was bought from a local fancy dress shop so I don't really know much about it! All I can tell you is that it's by California Costumes and it's the Disco Diva dress. 

The shoes are from Matalan, I got them when I was 12 for one of my friends' 13th birthday party and to be honest, I've hardly ever worn them and I didn't even end up wearing them for this party either! I realised I had to walk to the party and I'm not brilliant at walking in thin heels, wedges with platforms are the way forward. Otherwise I just wobble all over the place and end up falling over and embarrassing myself. They did look really cute with the white socks and I thought they matched the theme as well however, they didn't stay unfortunately! Sorry shoes!

As you can see in the third picture, I put in a really thick headband which I don't think I show in the hair tutorial going up on Monday so I'll just talk about it now instead. I thought it looked really nice and retro with the hairstyle I did, you might not think so and I might be totally wrong on my fashion timeline knowledge here but it looked nice and it matched the dress so I don't care!

That's all I have to say really! I hope you all enjoyed this post and please also keep your eyes peeled for the hair tutorial that goes with this outfit which will be here on Monday evening. This weekend I should be posting a book related post so look out for that if you're interested! It should go up tomorrow, that's more likely but should that fail it will be up on Sunday :)

Until then,

Becca x


  1. Super cute outfit! You girls look so in character and like you had a blast! :)

    1. Thanks! It was a good night, we all like our themed parties! :)