Friday, 5 September 2014

Online Style | Birthday Party


How was everyone's first week at school? Don't worry, mine wasn't that great either. 

I only posted on Wednesday but it feels like years since I posted!! 

Obviously, today is Friday which according to my new schedule is basically anything fashion related: OOTD, OOTW, Look Books etc. these were the main things I listed for Friday. However, I decided tonight that I wanted to do something a little different... I thought about what I was going to post tonight because I did have something planned however it was something I needed to prepare for way in advance and I haven't had the time as of yet. I thought about doing some online styling posts and also some style icon posts. I would love to know what you all think of that so please do let me know!! 

I'm having a go at an online style post tonight so I hope you enjoy it!!!

This online style is Birthday Party themed and I'm using clothes from 

I've never actually bought anything from before because I'm skint *cries* but I spend my life browsing the website sickening myself looking at clothes that I can't afford to buy. *cries harder*

I've styled an outfit that I would personally wear, well, to a Birthday Party! This might not be your style at all but it's something fashion related for you to read, get some tips or see something you really like! I guess it's also an opportunity to get to know me a little better by looking at the types of clothes I look at when I'm online shopping! Enjoy!

As always you can go straight to the product page on the boohoo website by clicking on the title of the product!


I think this bralet looks really nice with the cut out detailing and the white would look stunning with a tan! This bralet is also available in black which I suppose would also go with this outfit - whichever you prefer really! At only £12 a pop for a gorgeous top like this I can't really complain! I've been told boohoo quality is amazing too! 


The main thing I'm focussing on in this photo is the kimono. Kimonos have gotten really popular lately and I can totally see why. They're a super cute and light cover up to shove on over a little top - like the bralet! You may get the feeling that this outfit is very summer based and yes I'm aware it is no longer August but I'm holding onto summer for as long as I can! The sun is still shining! This could also be worn in winter at an indoor party or you could substitute one of the pieces to something warmer! This kimono is only £16 which I think is a totally fair price for this product.


I am honestly head over heals in love with these jeans, I've looked at them so many times but I've just never had the money around to buy them because I've always had other things to buy! Some people may think that these jeans are quite revealing which in a way I suppose they are but I think they're really cute and just look amazing on with heels. These are also only £25 so in my opinion that's pretty good for a pair of jeans that look really good quality.


This is another item on the boohoo website that I have looked at many many times and have never managed to buy...I honestly think these shoes are the prettiest things in the world. They are also available in nude and these are also nice however I felt like the black would go better with this particular combination. Some people may not be the heels type of girl but you can always change these for lower heels or some converse! I think at only £20 these are totally affordable, I'm just permanently skint!

So, obviously this was a totally new type of post for me and so I hope you enjoyed it!

I'm sorry this has gone up MUCH later than normal or I would have liked but I arranged plans for myself tonight and didn't really leave myself enough time to blog. I'll be better next time I promise!
Until the weekend,

Bec x

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