Sunday, 26 October 2014

Busy Bee

Hey guys, it's been WAY too long since I last published a post for you guys to read and I'm SO sorry. I hadn't really realised how busy my GCSE year was going to be and with all of my extra curricular activities that I do on top of all of my school work, it tends to wear a girl out.

I've been trying to publish something for the past week and I've just never gotten round to it so I hope you can all forgive me. This isn't going to be an actual beauty/fashion/lifestyle post today because I'm tired but I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend as it's the October half term so be looking forward to that!

Today I thought I'd just publish a quick update before I publish a few typical Trinket Box posts this week, which, will be Halloween related so GET EXCITED because I am!

Tomorrow's post will be very simple Halloween makeup ideas but you will see more of that if you come back tomorrow! The rest of the week is a surprise for now!

If you want to know what I've been up to lately and you don't follow me on Instagram or any other social network then I have inserted some of my posts below for those who do not follow me! If you don't follow me and would like to, I have also left my links below so if you wish to go and follow me then you can :) Means you get to see more of me than the rest of my readers if you're really that keen ;)

Matty turned 16!

Me and Kate recreated a photo from 1 year ago!

Molly had an insanely cute 16th birthday party!

Me, Amber and Molly went to our favourite cafe...

I took a few selfies before school ;)

And finally I bought some new Capezio dance shoes!

Here are my links!

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See you all again tomorrow!

Becca x

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