Monday, 27 October 2014

Simple Halloween Makeup

Happy Monday! This is my first proper post in what feels like forever! I did do an apology post yesterday if you haven't seen that already, I hope you can all forgive me! 

Since it's Halloween this Friday, I thought it would be great to share some of my simple tips for hair, makeup and costumes this week. Today as it's Monday which means it's tutorial day, I have some very simple things that you can do to your face on top of your normal makeup that makes it look like you tried just a little bit harder. 

I've never really been one for applying heaps of scary facepaint onto my face on Halloween however I may try that out this year, I haven't quite decided yet. So, what I've done in previous years and also things that my mum did for me when I was younger is just used things that I have in the house to add very small things that look kind of effective? They don't look great, I'll 100% admit that because I don't specialise in scary makeup but for those of you who want your face to look pretty with nice eye shadow etc but you want to look Halloweeny as well, this is for you! 

Just a pre-warning before I get started, other than the things I'm showing you, I have NO other makeup on whatsoever so I apologise for looking like a zombie - guess it's Halloween related so it's acceptable! 

The only things that I used in these tutorials were the 3 things below:
A red lipstick
A black lipstick
A black eyeliner pencil

The first 3 things I'm going to show you are done only with a black eyeliner pencil. 

I'm pretty sure we've all done this one at some point in our lives, right!? The famous cobweb, if you want to get really clever and show off you could even draw on a spider hanging off it! I'm not really an artist so I stuck with the cobweb ;)

The next one is pretty obvious too, just some simple stitched scars (that's what I think they are, they probably aren't but I'm just guessing) which again can just be done really quickly with an eyeliner pencil. This can all be done over the top of your normal makeup as well which makes it even better - you can look beautiful and scary all at the same time!

This next one is quite similar to the last one except it joins your ears from the corner of your mouth. I think this one looks quite effective if you fancy giving it a try!

The next 2 looks are done using a black eyeliner and a red lipstick.

This one makes you look like a bit of a doll or a puppet which I personally find really creepy because dolls and puppets creep me out! Still so simple to do!

This one is quite similar to the last one where I only used eyeliner however this one doesn't meet my ears and I've used some lipstick. 

This final look is using only black lipstick and it's probably the most common thing to do on Halloween! 

So, as you can see all of these ideas are really easy to do and I think the images are really self explanatory. I'm gonna see which of these I can mix together for Halloween on Friday! 

What are you going as?

See you soon, 

Becca x

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