Sunday, 30 November 2014

New Blog Name!

Hey Guys! 

This is my second post of the day...and it's another announcement so this is new! 

As some people may or quite possibly may not have noticed, I have changed my header, blog name and blog URL. 

The whole Trinket Box thing just wasn't working for me and so I thought I'd change it. This hasn't been a snappy decision for me, I've mentioned this on my blog before and I've also spoken to people about it many times before and I've eventually decided to do it.

Obviously, changing my URL may make it difficult for readers to find my blog so here is my new URL for those who have navigated their way here! 

I hope you guys don't mind this huge change but I wanted it changed so I had to do it for me to be fully happy with my blog!

Thanks guys!

See you tomorrow for the start of BLOGMAS!

Bec x


  1. Your blog is looking fantastic! Good luck with the fresh start and of course BLOGMAS! - Daisy x

  2. I've followed you're blog! Please make sure to follow back xx