Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas TAG | BLOGMAS Day 5

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Well, not quite but it's not far away and I'm VERY excited!

So, if you are a huge #SuggSunday fan and have been for about 2 years, you may or may not know that Zoe and Joe Sugg created their own version of The CHRISTMAS TAG 2 CHRISTMASES ago. I wanted to do a CHRISTMAS TAG on my blog this year and I loved watching theirs the other year so I thought I'd use their questions for my own blog!

I hope you enjoy reading this TAG and I TAG anyone reading this post to do it! Have fun, you don't have long before CHRISTMAS is over and done with for another year so get a move on and link it in the comments if you do decide to do this TAG so that I can read your answers too! 


When do you start getting excited for CHRISTMAS?

I used to get excited as soon as we hit September when I was younger but now I don't really get excited until the beginning of December. Lately it hasn't really felt like CHRISTMAS for me very quickly the past few years, probably because it hasn't snowed very much or at all where I live. But to answer the question after all that rambling, the beginning of December!

Do you still have an advent calendar?

I do still have an advent calendar! Not the same one as last year, obviously but I get an advent calendar every year! It isn't CHRISTMAS without the chocolate countdown! My advent calendar this year is a Cadbury's one if anyone was interested!

What are your favourite CHRISTMAS films?

By miles, my favourite CHRISTMAS film is definitely Elf. I think many would agree.

Do you have any funny CHRISTMAS memories?

You know what...I actually don't think I do...I honestly can't think of anything from a particular CHRISTMAS that really sticks out to me...weird. There's probably loads I just can't remember them!

Talk us through your typical CHRISTMAS day...

Normally me, my mum, my dad and my brother will get up at about 6 a.m. because we're all just that excited and we'll go down and open all of our presents which usually takes us until about half 7. Then we eat some breakfast and just relax watching some good CHRISTMAS films and muck about with all our new stuff. All of my family pop in and out throughout the day delivering the presents that Santa Claus left at their houses for us. We don't have CHRISTMAS dinner on CHRISTMAS day because it's just a day for us all to relax so instead we always have our CHRISTMAS dinner on Boxing Day instead!

What do you eat for CHRISTMAS dinner?

Just the typical Sunday Roast to be honest, meat (turkey or something along those lines) veg, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, roasties, roast parsnips. Just the usual!

Do you have any CHRISTMAS traditions?

I think the most prominent CHRISTMAS tradition for me is probably having all of the family round on CHRISTMAS day and Boxing Day.

Which are your favourite CHRISTMAS songs?

I have A LOT of favourite CHRISTMAS songs, more so because I'm in a choir and we do so many concerts at CHRISTMAS but I really like things like 'All I Want for CHRISTMAS Is You', anything jolly and CHRISTMASSY to be honest! I listen to it all from the 1st of December!

What is the best CHRISTMAS present you've ever received?

That is honestly such a hard question for me but I'd probably have to say the docking station I got last CHRISTMAS for my iPhone because I've used it to death and it's just amazing and I love it very much. For anyone who would like to know it is a Pioneer one, no idea what model but that's the brand.

Real or fake CHRISTMAS tree?

I've never actually had a real CHRISTMAS tree in my house because my parents don't like the mess they make because the spines really hurt if you stand on them so I've always had a fake one - it can get reused every year I suppose! Less trees are killed that way!

So, that's the end of my CHRISTMAS TAG!

Not really sure why I've typed CHRISTMAS in capitals every single time I used the word...sorry if that was annoying!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it got you in the CHRISTMAS spirit!

Counting down the days!

Bec x

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