Tuesday, 3 March 2015

7 Days of Becca - Day 2

It's Tuesday yet it feels like it should be Friday. 

It's been a really long week already, anyone else think that? I'm so tired all the time right now so I'm going to take my dads advice for once and have an early night because I am absolutely shattered! 

I'm not so sure about this 7 Days of Becca thing but I'm just going to see it out until the end and then we can move on after that! I have a couple of reviews planned and maybe an OOTW or something but we shall see! 

Today hasn't really been all that exciting either. I really shouldn't have done this on a school week because this 7 day thing is going to be school for 5 days of it! Oh well! I finished an hour early today due to our school having teacher training sessions for an hour every Tuesday which means we get to go home slightly earlier. An hour isn't that much but it feels like a lot when you get home! 

Guess what I did when I got home? Yeah, you got it, watched Pretty Little Liars. Only one episode though, I didn't have time for anymore than that because I had to eat my tea and do some dance work for my GCSE moderation next Wednesday. However, ironically, I don't have until Wednesday to finish it, I have until this Thursday coming and that isn't enough time for me so stress levels are rather high right now! 

I also had ballet and contemporary tonight so I went and did that for 2 hours and now I'm completely worn out. I think I've hurt something in my leg dancing the other day but I can't work out exactly where it hurts or why it hurts or how I did it so I guess we'll just see how that goes! 

Enjoy a lovely picture of my legs and feet...

Why is the image quality so much worse on SnapChat? Would someone please enlighten me!?

Right now I'm taking a break from child development coursework to write this. I love child development, I just hate the amount of coursework that comes with it! Says the girl who's taking a lot of coursework-heavy subjects for A Level... I think...

Here's a nice picture of my computer screen right now which I currently want to smash due to the amount of work I have to do in a really short space of time!

Just thought I'd throw in a random little OOTD because why not? This was actually what I wore yesterday so I should have really included it in yesterday's post but oh well!

So sorry all of my pictures are taken on my iPhone! It doesn't happen very often but I hope you can deal with it for now! 

Top - Jane Norman
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Socks - Primark
Watch - Casio

See you tomorrow, 

Love, Becca


  1. You might've just pulled a muscle. (: No biggie, icing can help, but just take it easy and rest a bit! ^.^ But, yeah, take your dad's advice and rest. Blogging can be tough with everything going on, breathing and taking some time to just focus on sleeping is always good advice!