Friday, 24 April 2015

Quick Update!

Hey guys, it's been a busy week! 

There will be a proper post this weekend I just wanted to publish a quick update tonight to tell you something that I personally am finding quite exciting! 

I'm currently guest blogging for Silent Secret's tumblr blog. 

Silent Secret is an app on the app store available on iPhone or Android *I think* completely free and it's aimed at teenagers aged 11-19. It's basically an anonymous online community where you can share whatever you're feeling with everyone else on the app without anyone knowing your identity. 

I will admit, when I first heard about it I thought it might be quite dangerous for hate and bullying etc. but, the only things you can do on this app is share love. There is no way to comment on anyone else's secrets, you can only express empathy, sympathy and show that you care about whatever someone is talking about. 

There is always plenty to see on Silent Secret and it's a great way to see that you aren't the only one or to see how someone else's day is going, which could make your day better too.

I think Silent Secret is a great idea and I'm thoroughly enjoying writing posts for their blog. They just reposted my 'Pick Me Ups' post today because they really liked it and asked for my permission to share it. However, from now on I will be writing completely separate posts for their blog, based on advice for teenagers.

I'm really looking forward to this opportunity and I hope you will all join me on this journey.

I have left the link to the tumblr page below so please do go check it out as well as the app! 

Love, Becca


  1. I could spend hours on end just walking around ikea, I love it! I really want to get the Alex drawers too, the power of beauty youtubers and bloggers, eh? The lantern is also really pretty, it would be such a nice addition to a bedroom! Great post Becca!x

    Nia Elinor Mair