Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How To Style A Two-Piece

Mid week post? What is this? What's going on? 
I had my first 2 GCSE exams today - NO MORE FRENCH EVER - and so I thought I'd give myself a night off revision and just put together a post for you!

So today I thought I'd do something slightly different to normal because, well, why not? 

I wanted to do a style related post so I thought I'd use this outfit that I wore the other day and share it with you guys!

This isn't actually a two-piece that I bought as a set, I've actually had both of these pieces for ages and just never thought of putting them together until now! 

I hope you enjoy seeing how I styled this two-piece as two-pieces have never really been something that has appealed to me but since putting these two pieces together I'm really starting to warm up to the idea! This is pretty much just a selection of selfies as I didn't have anyone to take the photos for me so, yeah enjoy!

Top: Amazon
Denim Shirt: New Look
Socks: New Look
Shoes: JuJu
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Casio
Bracelet: Dainty Day Dream

If you would like to read specifically about the Dainty Day Dream jewelery and get better photos of it, click here to head over to an exclusive post I did which includes a discount code for the shop so hurry! 

Hope you enjoyed the mid week surprise! See you again soon! 

Love, Becca


  1. This outfit looks really nice on you Becca, you are amazing at styling outfits xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous, love the outfit!

  3. I absolutely love the outfit and the shoes

  4. This is a gorgeous outfit, you look so great! I sat the french exams on tuesday too, so happy its over! Great post Becca!


    1. Thanks Nia! The exam was okay I thought - hope yours went okay too! :)