Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Dressing Table

You may have seen my Bedside Table post that I did a couple of weeks ago and there I said I might show you other little snippets of my room so, I thought I would go into my dressing table, well, not into it but on top of it! 

I guess you can say it's a dressing table... It's actually just a chest of drawers but I use it as a dressing table so that's what I'm going to refer to it as! There's no room in my bedroom for a dressing table unfortunately although I really wish there was! 

So, without further ado I guess we shall get on with the post!

The chest of drawers itself is from IKEA and it is the HEMNES Chest of 3 Drawers priced at £115. It looks white here but I found that when we put it next to my wardrobe, it's actually an off-white so don't be fooled! Now I can get onto what's actually on top of it, I'm going to go through everything from left to right.

The one thing that I have kept sitting open on here for the past few months now is my diary. At the start of the year I was really organised and I used it all the time but when GCSEs came around I didn't have time to be organised so it just got shoved in a drawer! However now I am keeping it open somewhere where I can see it all the time to keep myself organised! 
I also have my watch and sunglasses sitting on here because I know where they are when I need them so it's just a handy place to keep them really. I also keep a crocodile grip here too.
I have a plant pot from IKEA where I keep all of my hair brushes, sorry they're a little gross right now, I need to clean them out! I was using this pot for makeup brushes but I much prefer it for my hair brushes now because the hair brushes are a better size for this pot.
Next to the brushes pot I have a little jam jar filled with seashells. My friend actually made this for me for my birthday last year I think it was, I think it looks super cute.
And then next to the jar I have a little set of drawers which I think was from The Range. In here I keep hair bobbles, bobby pins and cotton wool pads because it keeps them hidden away but still in a very accessible place for me to find them. I quite like things to have a place so this little set of drawers is perfect, and they look super cute! 

Moving round, next to the little set of drawers I have a clear plastic box - which is an empty Ferrero Rocher box, if you were interested - which I put all of my lipsticks and most used lip balms in. This is the only makeup I actually keep on show and I actually have a space for lip products in my makeup drawer I just like to keep these up here because they're easy to grab and I don't have to go rummaging through my drawer looking for something.

Now moving even further round is my makeup brushes and other makeup tools. I have 3 little white glass jars which were £1.50 from Primark and in there I keep eyelash curlers and tweezers, eye brushes and smaller makeup brushes and eyeliners. I then have 2 blue glass pots which I think were £3 from Next and in those I keep cotton buds and my face makeup brushes. 
I also have a little butterfly trinket box which you can see in the bottom left corner where I keep a couple of little jewlery bits. Little fact for you, the original name of this blog, Trinket Box, came from this little box. Learn something new everyday eh?

And the last things I have in the right corner of the table are my perfumes and body sprays and my most worn necklace. I got this necklace for my 16th birthday off Matt and it's definitely the necklace I wear the most so it's really handy just to keep it there for when I want to wear it. It also looks really pretty so I like to have it on show!
I have quite a large selection of perfumes and sprays going on at the moment and sometimes I feel it looks a little cluttered but it's easiest to have them all there and I think some of the bottles are really pretty. I'm never happy with anything so this arrangement changes all the time!

Finally I just want to discuss the big black thing behind the brushes and perfumes in case you were wondering what it is, it's just my docking station/radio/CD player. It's a Pioneer one but I have no idea which one so I'm hopeless where that's concerned! However, I like it a lot and I would recommend it if you can find it!

And that's everything! I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm sorry if you didn't but as always, I would love your feedback so don't be shy, leave me a comment! 

I really want to do a makeup collection and storage post but as always, I'm not happy enough with it to do one of those just yet so be prepared to see one at some point, but that could be years away so we'll just have to wait and see! 

What do you keep on your dressing table?

Love, Becca


  1. I keep my zoella makeup bag(which I love), my makeup brushes and a souvenir from Paris:)
    I love your dressing table it is so cute!
    Nice post xxxx

    1. Very good choices, makes them easy access!! Thank you x

  2. Your dressing table is so pretty! I keep meaning to put cotton buds in an old candle jar but I keep forgetting to. Also this post reminded me that I really need a new powder brush, but whenever I go makeup shopping I just get so overwhelmed because I just want everything and usually end up leaving with nothing. Or if I watch loads of beauty videos before I go and make some huge list then when I end up going I'm just in a panic but now seeing your makeup brushes has just reminded me how much I need a new powder and eyeshadow brush. Also I'm so jealous of all your eyelash curlers, I had one and I depended on it so much since I was not blessed with good eyelashes and then I left it in France, but like I said before, I am a state when i go makeup shopping so just going to buy one quickly will probably turn into some huge production for me!x

    1. Thank you Libby!! It's so handy having the cotton buds there, especially for makeup mistakes!! Makeup shopping either puts me in a panic or I know exactly what I want and I end up buying everything!! I asked for an eyelash curler for Christmas and ended up receiving 3 all in the same day!! Pretty good going! Glad this post has helped you Libby!! X

  3. Looks so lovely! Very organised x