Saturday, 15 August 2015

Adore Me | Lashes & Lingerie

I recently was inspired by Adore Me which is a New York based lingerie company, to put together a few makeup looks and outfits around their new lingerie collections. Lingerie isn't something I've ever discussed on my blog before, but this is going to be done slightly differently so the post isn't solely about lingerie. It's basically going to be different makeup/outfits that I think would match the mood/colours/style of each set of lingerie that I like best on the site.
I hope you enjoy it! 

So the first set is the Addie set so you have the Addie thong with the matching bralet. The bright blue colour of this set is very summery and reminds me a lot of the sky. I would picture a makeup look to match this as being quite neutral and very simple. Light coverage over the skin, little bit of bronzer all over to give that summer glow with just a little bit of mascara to open up the eyes. I also think a pale pink lipgloss would be fabulous for this. 
Outfit wise I think something very summery, like a dress or playsuit with some sort of summery floral pattern on would match this pretty well.

Here we have the Cindy Push Up bra with the matching bottoms. This is again a very summery bra with it being bright yellow. Yellow is a colour that makes me feel really happy, don't know if anyone else feels that way about yellow, maybe it's just me... For the reasons that I have mentioned about this set feeling very summery I am going to stick with the same outfit and makeup choices as I said for the previous set because they both have a very similar feel to me.

This is the Annmarie Unlined bra with the matching bottoms. Because this set is black, I feel this would have more of an evening touch to it. For makeup I would imagine this as having a very dramatic grey and black smokey eye with quite a defined muted red lip. I would also put quite a sharp contour on this with some light blush and very strong brows. All very bold for a nighttime. 
Moving onto an outfit I feel this set reflects I think I would probably say a little black dress with some kitten heels. The reason I say kitten heels instead of huge stilettos is because I feel the floral pattern and the touch of pink adds a little bit more of a younger touch to the set. 

This is the Audrina set which I can't actually find on the website right now, sorry about that! (I'm not sure if there's some new launches coming up on the site) and I think this is my favourite set out of the lot. I love the colour - very girly! Since this is such a girly coloured set, I picture very girly makeup. I would use a gold all over the eyelid with a nude pink lip. On the skin it would be a very subtle but present contour and a nice pink blush to add to the girly feel of the look. 
For an outfit to match this set I think it would have to be a very girly outfit again. A skater skirt with a crochet top and some cute little sandals. Very summery again, but this colour also feels like a very summery colour to me.

This is the Cindy Push Up bras in different colours.
The pink and blue are much more subtle compared to the sunny yellow before, however still super cute! For these colours I would stick with the same makeup look and outfit that I discussed for the previous set because again, the colours are very girly and the floral pattern across the cups makes it even more girly and even more cute!

Here we have the Kacie Push Up bra with the matching bottoms. This is a very vibrant red as you can see, so again I'm feeling the evening look as I said about the black set from before. I would go for a very bright red lip for this but I would use more of a muted browny gold smokey eye here, I'm not really 100% sure why but I feel this look would reflect this set. 
Clothes wise I would again go for something very evening related, so maybe a tube skirt and a top or some skinny jeans and a top. I would put some high stilettos with this outfit also, just to finish it off and make your legs look fabulous.

Next is the Macie Contour bra and the matching thong. Again, I love the colour of this, so pretty. For makeup with this one, I would go very natural again like the first one because I feel the lace on this set makes it really girly and cute but very sophisticated at the same time. We all love a bit of lace.
I would however make the outfit slightly different here. I would go for quite a casual jeans and a tshirt, maybe a cute little pullover jacket if it was cold out with some converse. This isn't the most fancy of bras so it would be more of a simple outfit for me.

And the final bra is the Giada Push Up bra. This is a really girly bra, the colours are so cute and the lace pattern is so girly. I would go very neutral with makeup again for this one, keeping it quite simple because I feel like the white in this bra is very simple reflecting a simple makeup look. 
Similarly, I would do the same with the outfit. Quite a plain and simple dress, dressed up with a belt or some cute shoes to make it a little more exciting.

Just because no one sees our underwear doesn't mean you can't feel good in it!

I can't find anywhere to change the currency on the website unfortunately, I may be missing something but I couldn't find it myself. I'm sure my British viewers would be able to find something very similar elsewhere though! 

Adore me are launching some new collections; the Fall (in love) collection 2015 and the Festival collection so make sure you go and check those out if you fancy it, for all my American viewers.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was a little different to what I normally do but we have to try something new once in our lives and this offer from Kate was a good way for me to do that.

How would you reflect these sets in clothing and makeup?

Love, Becca


  1. These are all really pretty items, and I totally agree with you on the way you would style them. I love the different style of post Becca xx

  2. This was a very interesting read, definitely agree with the way you styled them!

  3. Not quite sure how I should comment seeing as the only bras I've ever owned are from m&s.. But I agree with you on how to style them, and I love how you can talk about something that others may find a little weird, and still sound like a pro!! :)

    Edie x

    1. Anyone can talk about bras! Thanks Edie, I don't know why people are so touchy about it... it's like, I'm a girl, can people not know I have BOOBS!? Glad you liked the post x

  4. The cindy bras are so cute, really different post but enjoyable to read. I always find that what lingerie I wear reflects my mood? is it just me. probably.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

    1. They really are! It is something totally different for me and I totally agree with you! No, it's not just you at all...

  5. These are really cute, I love how you styled them.

    Tash Xx