Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Guest Post By Lauren DeLamiellemure | How To Grow Long Hair

 My name is Lauren! I run www.loloslife.com and have a beauty YouTube channel. I am seventeen years old. I love all things fashion and beauty related, which you can see on my blog. I live near the beach in Florida. I'm super easy going and love giving advice! I really hope you all enjoy my post and thanks again Becca for letting me share my post on your lovely blog!
Hey there! I thought this would be a great post for the season. Most girls go through the stage of craving long hair or they may just want to fix a bad hair cut. So, here are my tips and tricks to growing those tumblr pictured locks.
  • Be gentle with your hair-especially if it's thin like mine! Right when I get out of the shower I brush my hair gently using a wet brush. I highly recommend purchasing one. Perfect for removing tangles and knots (without ripping out your hair). I would never advise to brush hair with a normal brush because their bristles are way to harsh on our fraigle hair aka split ends, which = yucky hair
  • ScrunchiesScrunchies! & Scrunchies! Cute, gentle, and fun. The cloth surrounding the ponytail is way more gentle on your hair. Not to mention, they are so cute. I just purchased a multi colored pack and I love matching them with my bathing suits. 
  • Hydrate. Drink lots of water..all the time. Not only will it help your hair but it will also flush out toxins + keeps your skin pimple free. 
  • Give your hair some TLC. Hair masks are awesome..my favorite one to buy is the "Roots" from Lush the peppermint smell is ahh-mazing. Don't wanna splurge? Make your own! Mix up a tablespoon of coconut oil,  half a smashed banana, and a teaspoon of honey. Mix it all together and apply from root to tip. To really lock it all in.. wrap your head/hair in saran wrap and then take a hot towel and wrap your head (like you would to dry your hair) over it. The heat will help the product soak in.
  • Pop some pills vitamins. I love the ones by nature's bounty. They don't taste awful because they are in a gel form and they are packed with tons of vitamins for your hair, skin, and nails. Though these products can't officially  "make your hair longer" they can't hurt it, right? 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel Lauren DeLamielleure- new videos every week. 

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