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*Review: So...? Fragrances - Fresh-tival Kit


How is everyone today? It's another late one I'm sorry but it's been an emotional night for me as my brother finished first school and I've just had to say bye to my boyfriend for 3 weeks so I'm a little fragile tonight but I'm still blogging for you!

I've marked this review with an asterix (*) because I was sent these products by Sparkle PR and they asked me to review them and I accepted. From now on, any reviews that I am paid for or sent to review will be marked with an asterix and I will tell you in the post just to make it clear.

This is the So...? Fragrances new Fresh-tival Kit which is supposed to be the perfect kit for festivals if you didn't spot the pun in the name! (Took me a while!) Sparkle PR contacted me last month asking if I wanted to review the kit and I accepted and they sent it out to me within a couple of days. I've used 2 of the products in the set before as I used to be OBSESSED with So...? Fragrances and so when I saw this offer I couldn't say no!

Above is the full kit. Each bottle is 50ml in size and they aren't much bigger than a foundation bottle so they are perfect for, well...Festivals! Also perfect to slip in your handbag just for going shopping though!

The kit includes 2 body fragrances and 2 dry shampoo's. I've tried both of the body fragrances before and the So...? Kiss Me (second from the right) is my favourite scent by So...? Fragrances but I haven't had it for a long time so I'm loving being able to use it again!

I'll go through each product and tell you what I've thought while I've been using them since last Friday when they arrived! Enjoy!

So...? Lovely Floral & Flirty Dry Shampoo

I've never tried a So...? Dry Shampoo before, honestly, I didn't know they did them! Suppose now I do! I've done a review on the Batiste dry shampoo before and I may have mentioned on there how much I LOVE dry shampoo, it's just my absolute life saver and I couldn't live without it. This is said to add a delightful scent to your hair whilst masking the unwanted visible oils. It works well in my opinion but if I'm being totally honest I'm more of a Batiste girl. The size of this bottle is perfect for carrying around in your bag and the smell is just beautiful but it doesn't seem to hit all of the points I need a dry shampoo to hit - but that's just me! Some of you may have tried this and loved it! I suppose it just depends on your hair type too but for me, this isn't the best dry shampoo I've tried.

So...? Sinful Body Fragrance

I've had this fragrance before and I liked it but it isn't my favourite scent from So...? Fragrances. I think it's a vanilla sort of smell and I'm not too keen on vanilla although I could be completely wrong with the scent, I'm not very good at identifying smells! It is a nice scent and it stays on well as I was still getting compliments 3 and 4 hours after I put it on. Again, the bottle size is perfect for throwing in your bag and using it on the go which I love in a body fragrance. 

So...? Kiss Me Body Fragrance

This is my all-time favourite scent from So...? and I've loved it from my pre-teens and I still love it now! I'm not sure what the scent is but it's quite a common scent in my opinion but it's really really nice. It's one of those sprays that you absolutely love but you can't explain what the smell is or anything about it which is really not very helpful in a review! Again, it stays on really well through the day - a personal favourite of mine to wear for school! Perfect size to slip in your bag just like all the others. Another thing I forgot to mention about not only this spray but all of the others is that they're really easy to use. They aren't one of those aerosols that take every bit of strength in your body to get something out of them so they are just perfect for the circumstances they were designed for.

So...? Va Va Volum Xtra Body Dry Shampoo

I got extremely excited when I saw the 'xtra body' part on the bottle because who doesn't love a bit of volume in their hair!? Especially at a festival! And it is brilliant at doing what it says it will do, it really does add extra volume to your hair when sprayed sparingly on the roots. It also smells really nice so as well as volume you get scented hair too! As far as the masking of unwanted visual oils is concerned, I'm not too sure on this one either. All of the other factors of these dry shampoos are fantastic but for my hair, it doesn't do much for greasyness. I have relatively greasy hair to start with so I have to wash it a lot but when trying these out I deliberately didn't wash my hair for 2 days to see how they would cope and they didn't do amazingly well at hiding the grease for me. This might just be my hair type but I'm being totally honest with this review. Yet again though, perfect bottle size for the handbag!

That's all 4 of the products that were sent to me in the kit and I've been 100% honest with this review so I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it maybe gave you some tips or ideas on what you might want to have a look at next!

All in all, I think this kit is perfect for the festival season as it is totally convenient and it has everything you need to keep your hair and you smelling and looking great. Overall, the main con for me was actually in the packaging. I don't know if you can tell from the first image but it just comes in a cardboard box with an open front. This is totally fine I have no problem with that it's just when you come to open it, they have used that really really sticky glue stuff to stick the products to the box that sticks to absolutely everything. While using this keeps the product in place whilst in the box, it's really quite hard to get off the bottles afterwards and if you do put it in your bag and you haven't got all of the glue off, it ends up sticking to things inside your bag which is incredibly annoying.
Besides the packaging malfunction I experienced, I really enjoyed testing out these products and I will continue to use them until I have used them all up! 

Finally, these products are available in the Fresh-tival kit for £4.99 in all Argos stores nationwide so go and get yours now!! 

Thank you to Sparkle PR and So...? Fragrances for giving me the opportunity to review these products all at the cost of a simple review! 

Until next time,

Bec x

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