Sunday, 10 August 2014

16 Already!

YooHoo!! Happy Sunday!

Left my weekend post until Sunday afternoon tonight because I've been out basically all weekend and I've only just finished hoovering, tidying, dusting and all that jazz so I'm taking a little break to blog before I start some homework, oh the joys...

Anyway, my friend Steph turned 16 a few days ago and it was her birthday party last night which was amazing! She'll be reading this so I'm just gonna have to tell everyone how good it was! I'm going to share a few photos of the night but not too many because it was all her and her mum's ideas for everything so I don't want to post too much about it!
Basically, it was a Frozen themed 16th birthday party and I was expecting something totally different to what we got! It really was so good and I think every single one of my friends would agree.
Most of the photos are of us lot but the party really was amazing so well done to Steph, Tiff and your mum because you's did an amazing job of everything!

The food was seriously amazing as you can see!

Decorations were amazing!

By the way, I got a fringe! I got my hair cut on Thursday, I used to have one 2 years ago but I got rid of it and for some reason got the urge to get it back when I was on holiday, so I did!

You will probably see a lot of photo-bombing in these photos because well, everyone loves a good photo-bomb!

Birthday girl (Anna)

I look disgusted that she's touching me...oh well she's short ;)

Glowing drinks. Just saying.

Can you spot Anna and Elsa...? :)

No one pouts better than us... ;)

Who noticed that it's snowing inside?

We are dancing in this, it looks really strange I think but it's a little inside joke we all have that I really can't explain because we're all just weird really :)

When the food comes out there's no going back!

Hard to tell but we were throwing pretend snow around if you can see it! 

Hope you liked the photos! I have some more interesting stuff planned for tomorrow, I know some people don't like the lifestyle and what-I-get-up-to-in-my-spare-time posts but I do like to do them every now and again because some people do like them and I enjoy writing little bits about things like this for me to look back on later.

See you tomorrow!

Bec x

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