Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer OOTD


Like I said earlier on in the week when I got back from France at the weekend, (which is nearly a week ago by the way!) I'm doing a little OOTD for you guys!
I've done OOTW posts before but I've never done an OOTD on here so we shall soon see how well that goes down with my lovely viewers!

This isn't actually what I was wearing today, this is the outfit I wore on Monday when I went into town with my friends seeing them for the first time in 2 weeks! I missed you's a lot guys, just saying... :)

Anyway, on with the OOTD! Enjoy...

To start with, I got this dress from a shop called Jennyfer while I was in France. It was in a clearance sale which meant I got something amazing like 60% off so in English money it only cost £8 or something! Bargain!

My sunglasses were £2 from Primark if anyone's interested! One thing I will say about them is they get those awful cracks in the lenses really easily. I've had them about a month and they have loads of them all over which is annoying for looking out of. They also get stuck in your hair and get dirty really easily. I'm complaining a lot but they look nice and they were only £2 so I should probably shut up...
The only makeup I'm wearing here is eyeliner, mascara and the tiniest bit of concealer underneath my eyes. This is mainly because none of my makeup matches my face anymore since I went on holiday but it's actually been really good for my skin because I haven't been wearing foundation for almost 3 weeks now and I've been cleansing a lot so my skin has been incredible lately. I recommend trying it out for a couple of weeks!

Underneath the dress I'm wearing a cropped white t-shirt that I ordered off Amazon ages ago. I wanted to keep my shoulders covered from the sun and it also has a really low back which I forgot to take a picture of but you guys know what a low back looks like, right!?

The bag is from Peacocks but I don't think they'll have it in anymore since I got it in year 7 which is 4 years ago now... I'm sure you'll be able to get something similar though!

My sandals are from Primark and I've actually only worn them a couple times because I've never really known what to wear them with but they go really well with this dress!

If anyone's wondering, the anklets are loom bands! It's a long drive to France okay!? I got a little bored so I went Frozen themed when making myself some anklets!

Possibly the most unattractive angle of my feet, ever! But I was trying to show the top of the sandal a bit better, sorry for the awful image of my foot there! Pay attention to the shoe, not my foot!

Apologies that they're all mirror selfies but I promise next time I do an OOTD I will get someone to take the photos for me so you guys can see the outfit better! 

Hope you enjoyed it anyway and Happy Friday!

Becca x