Wednesday, 6 August 2014

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette

Happy Wednesday!

I reviewed this product a while back telling you guys how much I loved it and how amazing it was but I said I was going to try and post something about a specific look that you can create with this palette and so that's what I'm going to do for you today!

There are so many different looks you can create with this palette of 12 colours, it's endless the amount of looks you can create!

The look I'm going to share with you today is the look that I wore for One Direction back in May so it's a little while back but it's still a really pretty look to wear.

Obviously because it was a concert, it is quite a dark and dramatic eye look but you can always change some of the colours or how heavy you apply it to make it more casual if you wanted to.

I started off by applying shade 5 all over my lid and then using shade 6 all over after that to add a little bit of glitter. To do this I just used an eye shadow sponge (like the one in the image of the product) as this is my preferred method of applying eye shadow. After I'd applied it with the sponge, I blended it a little bit with the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to soften the colours and get rid of some of the excess shadow.

The next thing I did was apply shade 7 and 10 to the outer corners. Shade 10 is a shimmer and shade 7 is a glitter and I think these 2 colours work quite well together on the outer corners. Again, I applied it with a sponge and then blended the colours together with the other 2 colours over the whole lid to get a smooth transition between colours.

I love using inner corner highlight when I'm wearing eye shadow and shade 1 and 2 are the perfect mix for an inner corner highlight. They both work amazingly on their own as a highlight but for this look I decided to mix the 2 colours together a little bit to get some extra shimmer to open up the eye. To do this I used the Real Techniques Pixel-Point Eye Liner Brush.

I didn't want to be too strong with eye liner because the eye shadow was so much so instead of doing my bottom waterline, I lined the lower lash line with shade 6 just to add a little bit of definition to the eye and also to open up the eye a little more as well. I applied this very slowly with the Real Techniques Accent Brush being careful not to get too much on the lashes avoiding as much fall down.

I did use some liquid liner on my top lash line just to define the lash line. I used the Natural Collection Liquid Eye Lines to draw a very thin line along the top lash line. I added a very small cat flick at the end, nothing too much just a little bit to outline the eye shadow.

Finally, I finished off the look by using Benefit They're Real! Mascara on my eyelashes. This is my favourite mascara at the minute because it lengthens and volumises your lashes so well and I'm just really enjoying using it.

And that's it! There isn't really that many stages to do and it only takes about 10 minutes to do but it could be quicker because most people are probably a lot quicker than I am at eye shadow!

One thing that I will share with you guys because I always get asked when I wear eye shadow now is how I get such a straight line. I have to give credit to this tip to my friend Layla as she was the one that gave me this tip so if you want to thank anyone, thank her! 
She told me that by sticking some sellotape just under your eye and position it where you want will give you a pretty much perfect line for your eye shadow and eye liner if you did it then too! 
The only issues I have with this method are that sometimes it can be quite tricky to position the sellotape evenly so sometimes you end up with really lop-sided makeup which looks a bit silly! The only other issue I have with this is if you apply your skin makeup first, the sellotape removes some of the skin makeup when you take it off so you have to re-apply in that area.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry it's so late but I wrote this up earlier and I thought I'd published it but my computer crashed and I didn't notice until now that it hadn't gone up!

Until next time,

Bec x

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