Monday, 4 August 2014

Review: EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm

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This was taken when it was brand new and I hadn't used it...It's a bit flat on the top now...
My friend Steph went to Florida recently and she was so lovely and bought us all back some sweets and an EOS lip balm. I've always wanted to try EOS lip balms because they are raved about all the time but unfortunately you cant get them in the UK :( I saw some in Urban Outfitters the other day but they're so expensive here compared to what they are in the US! 

So, Steph bought a selection of flavours for us all to choose from and I chose the Strawberry Sorbet one and it smells AMAZING! It even tastes good which makes everything 10 times better where lip balms are concerned! However it does make me lick it off a lot of the time which kind of defeats the point! 

Besides the smell, it does an amazing job at being a lip balm. There's not much more to say really! It's just amazing! It has a really good consistency and it goes on really well. I used it a lot on holiday because my lips dry out a lot in the sun so it was really good for keeping my lips hydrated throughout the day.

The packaging is my favourite part because I think it's so cute and the packaging feels really nice too which sounds weird but I like it when lip products have packaging that feels nice...not sure why... I've heard some reviews where people have said that they think the packaging is too bulky because of it being a sphere but I think it makes it look really unique and it's just really cute. 

This product is something that is going to be in my bag until it's all gone!

Until next time,

Becca x

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