Monday, 18 August 2014

Look Back...

Happy Monday!!

Today's post is going to be a little different - again I'm sorry it's not beauty or fashion related but I think some people (especially my friends) might enjoy this one.

I've been looking through some old photos on the computer and so I thought I'd share some of them with you! I'll admit, I laughed at a lot of these!

This is just something a little more fun for me and probably for you guys too but please don't laugh too much!


We're starting off in 2005 when I was 6 years old...

Can not wait to start ballet again!!!

This was such a hard instrument to plat at the time but I so wish I'd continued! Don't give up an instrument, EVER! You will regret it!

These are the earliest photos I have as before this point, all photos were printed and not saved to a computer! But can we please all just take a moment to look at how blonde my hair was!?

Moving on to 2006...

I used to love the snow...Absolutely hate it now!

My gorgeous rabbit, Lulu. Yes I'm sitting in a cage!

Because wearing a lemur on your head is a HUGE fashion statement...

2007...8 years old and still a strange child!

Fishing time!

My idea of dreads at the age of 8...

Lets be honest, who didn't love these bags as a child!?


9th birthday!!!

Some random horse apparently.

When I stopped being weird I have no idea...not even sure if I ever stopped! ;)

Here comes 2009!

GAP hoodie for X-Mas!

Little bit too close"

Graduating from Brownies with Eden!!

2010 already!?

This was the second trip to Florida! This was the last time I was there, 4 whole years ago! :(


Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2010!

Getting closer...3 years ago...2011...

12th birthday party...oh wow...

Struggled to find photos for 2011 so you get 2 Christmas ones! This is a photo of me opening the laptop that I still have now - in desperate need for a new one!

2012...the year we all survived the end of the world.

Whatever you do, DO NOT cry 10 minutes before leaving your house for your prom. No matter how bad your hair looks. DON'T do it.

Someone is gonna hate me for this... ;)

Caravanning in 2012...

Last year! 2013!

Molly's 15th birthday!

Meeting the one and only Jim Chapman with Layla in Newcastle!

This was taken at about 7 am on a bus waiting to go to Edinburgh. Excuse the face!

Started from the bottom now we're here! 2014!

Bike ride a few months ago!

Lawson @ The Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Steph's Frozen 16th last week!

Well then...That was a lot of photos and you've seen the transformation of 9 years of my 15 year life. 
Maybe you found this really boring and didn't even get this far.
But maybe you absolutely loved it and cried your eyes out at how strange I was...

One last thing I want to say before I end this post is a HUGE thank you to my friend Jess for designing and uploading my new header. Jess has a blog also so I think you should go check it out here because I love her very much.

Thanks again and I'll see you all again on Wednesday!

Bec x


  1. Love this post all I could concentrate on was how much your eyebrows have improved!
    Also you're very welcome my love <3 xx

  2. My eyebrow game has improved a lot over the years! Still not quite your's yet... ;)

  3. I hate you.... have a name idea btw inbox me when you see this but shhhh im not awake at 2 am, still hate you though.