Sunday, 17 August 2014

OOTWE (Outfit Of The Week End)

Post number 2 for this wonderful rainy Sunday!

I'm not too sure if I just made up OOTWE, is that a real think? It's only Saturday and Sunday's outfits so I guess that counts, right? If not, I tax the creation of it! If you already invented it, well, that's me out of ideas for my million pound fame...

My first post of today was about a little BBQ and camp out me and my friends had in my back garden yesterday so if you would like to read it, you can here.

I'm not gonna ramble too much other than to say I hope at least 1 person enjoyed reading The Hunger Games review series I just finished because I really enjoyed writing it for you!

On with the OOTWE!


This was the day of the BBQ and the night of the sleepover.
Considering it was blowing a gale outside and it was quite chilly, my outfit wasn't really very weather appropriate as you will see very soon.
However, I did change into my onesie at about half 8 but I don't think that should be included in this post because onesies aren't the most flattering of things!

I have to give photography credit to my 9 year old brother who took these 3 photos for me - thanks kidda!

My shorts are a pair of my auntie's old jeans that I cut but I guess you can do that with any old jeans! Great way to turn something you don't wear into something slightly more you! These were originally boot-cut jeans which is why I cut them! I love them as shorts!

My top was from Primark and I can't remember exactly what the price was but I believe it was about £2 so totally affordable! 

My socks are also from Primark (don't know if you can see but they have pugs on them) and they were bought for me by my boyfriend so I don't know the price!

I also don't know the price of my bracelets or where they were from exactly because my boyfriend got me them from Spain! Sorry!

I always get asked how I do my hair like this but I don't think I'm going to go into loads of detail about it because I'm thinking about doing a how-to/tutorial post about it. Only if you guys want to read it though so please let me know what you think!


Sorry - I had to take these photos myself because I had no one to take them for me!

My top is from Topshop but I think if I remember rightly it was in the sale when I got it but I think normally it's between £10-£15 but don't quote me on that.

My jeans are from Tesco and I have absolutely no idea how much they were because my mum payed for them and so I had no interest in knowing the price! To take a guess they were probably about £12 but I really like them because they're really really comfy and so easy to wear although they get dirty SO easily and I manage to spill absolutely everything on them. I swear I'm cursed when it comes to light clothing!

That's all I was wearing today!

I hope you enjoyed this post guys and I'm sorry I didn't have anyone to take Sunday's photos for me - I promise I will summon Molly from her house 2 minutes round the corner to take photos for me next time I do an OOTW! Be prepared Mol ;)

Remember to go check out my post about our little camp out here!

See you again tomorrow for Monday's post!

Bec x


  1. I loved the top in the 2nd outfit its very bright and would go well with the home made shorts! You have a very nice figure and dress it well ma love!
    I personally want a hair tutorial post so please do that!
    Love this post lots xox