Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fitness Motivation!

Hey guys! It's been so long again and yet again I'm really sorry but I do think I'm going to be limited to 1 post a week on the weekend because finding the time to sit down and just write to you guys is a lot harder than I expected this year. 

Today I wanted to post about something I've been trying for so long because I thought, maybe if I write about it, I might push myself a bit more because it's there in black and white...So we'll see how this goes!

One thing I've become really conscious about since I started high school is my fitness because I realised how important it actually is. 

I'm not the healthiest eater, I'm sure most of us can admit that because who doesn't like a chocolate bar every now and then...or everyday... But, I do try to keep myself fit to balance out being able to eat rubbish BUT I try not to eat too much obviously because then exercising would be a complete waste of time if I ate a load of rubbish all the time.

I started GCSE dance last academic year and since then, I've started taking not only my dancing seriously but also my fitness. I've started a dance school and I currently spend 3 hours of my week there. 

Obviously doing dance is exercise in itself but other dancers will know that you have to work a lot on your fitness, strength etc.

Through doing so much dancing over the past couple of years, my flexibility has improved immensely and I've also done a lot of work on my core and my legs through dancing which has really strenghthened those areas.

What I wanted to say in this post is that you should try to find some sort of motivation to get fit and keep yourself that way. Set a target for yourself and stick to it until you get it and don't give up. 

I've been trying for literally months to do more exercise and I think I'm gonna try really hard over the next few months coming up to my GCSE's as a relax and de-stress activity I guess. 

I've decided my goal for the next few months is to be able to hold plank for 60 seconds and be able to do 10 full push ups from that because push ups have never been something I can do and I'm determined to get there! 

What is your goal?

I was thinking maybe in the near or distant future - depending on how quickly I get round to it - I could start maybe a health and fitness series on my blog. It would include things like healthy snacks, healthy meals, fitness programmes and activities that I enjoy using etc. 

If you think this is a good idea or think you may benefit or enjoy reading this type of post please do let me know because it is something I would be interested in doing if people wanted to see that. 

See you next week

Becca x


  1. What styles of dance are you doing? :3 Ballet and Irish have always been a favorite of mine, but Mum made sure I could do as many other styles as possible and do them proficiently (which results in a headache!). I've found that back crunches really help strengthen you in general, and they've helped me keep my turns neat and powerful. ^.^ Good luck getting fit, it's difficult at the beginning because your body isn't used to it, but once you find what works it's really relaxing.

    1. I'm currently doing Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, all amazing styles! I would love to do Irish dancing - it looks like so much fun!
      Crunches are amazing for strength I totally agree! They hurt after a while though!

      Lets get fit for 2015!!