Monday, 22 December 2014

Getting Organised! | BLOGMAS Day 22

For some reason, BLOGMAS completely slipped my mind yesterday until I got the computer out and realised I hadn't posted anything! I'm so sorry, I haven't been as good at this as I thought I was going to be!

I've come to the decision that in 2015 I'm going to be much more organised. Obviously I have all of my GCSE exams in the summer so I really do have to be organised for that otherwise I may come across a few problems! 

Other than that though, I've noticed over the past few months I haven't really known whether I'm coming or going because I just forget when I have things to go to or things to do for a certain time which isn't great when I'm trying to make plans with my friends etc. and also when my parents are asking me what my plans are.

The choir that I sing with buy all of us a little present for Christmas and this year we got a diary for 2015 which has already come in SO handy and already has a lot written in it!

I think having this diary this year is going to help me out a lot and keep me a lot more organised which I'm actually really excited about, so sad I know! ;)

I've always wanted to make a New Years resolution that I know I can actually keep and I think this staying organised diary thing is actually going to last me through the year!

The thing that makes this even better is how cute the diary is as you can see in the image below! It's too cute for me to deal with! 

Look how cute it is!!!

Getting this diary has made me SO excited for 2015!

Merry Christmas guys!

Bec xx


  1. I would be lost without my diary! This is a great gift I bought my own and it was quite expensive which I wasn't happy about. Useful all the same