Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! 

Yeah, I know it's the 3rd already and I haven't posted anything all year! I've honestly been so busy over New Years and haven't even been able to find the time to do homework never mind blog! I have so much homework to do this weekend before school on Monday you wouldn't believe it!


Anyway, I thought I'd do a nice little post just including a few things that have happened over the past few days as part of my New Year celebration before hopefully posting a haul post over the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I may have done a spot of light shopping since Christmas....

Anyway, on with the post for today! Hope you enjoy having a little look into what I did at New Years!

Outfit and makeup from New Years Eve! Sorry the photo quality isn't great as I took these on my iPhone! My dress is from and my necklace is from Primark. For my makeup, the lips are Babylips in 'Cherry Me' and for my eyes I used my e.l.f. palette and my Urban Decay NAKED palette. Possible tutorial?

Better look at the dress in this one!

Who likes the cute list of house rules next to my mirror? ;)

On New Years Day, I always go to watch the trot through of the fox hunt with my auntie and grandad, sorry the photos again are iPhone quality!

This is something that I saw on my aunties Facebook and I thought it was a really cute idea so I decided to give it a go! At the end of the year I might even do a post sharing the things that went in there over the year!

Yesterday I went to York for the day with my boyfriend which was lovely. We didn't really take any photos so I don't have any to share with you but it was a lovely day out despite the icy cold wind and I did a bit of shopping which you will all get a look at soon!

Happy New Year to you all once again and I'll hopefully see you soon with a new and hopefully exciting blog post when I find the time!

Bec x

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