Monday, 10 August 2015

50 Blog Topics For You To Try

Recently, a few of my "blogging friends" have been stuck in a bit of a rut with what to write about, and I absolutely hate it when I'm in that place so I wanted to try and help them out a little. But then I thought, I can help them and maybe a few other people too if I make this into a post!

So, I have sat for a really long time, no seriously, this took me ages, to come up with 50 different blog topic ideas that you might fancy writing about, or it might just be enough to make a spark in your mind that gets you going. I was going to do 100 originally, but I couldn't come up with anymore! I was struggling after 25! Whatever happens, I just hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration for something! 

Write about what you did today, whether you sat around the house watching Netflix or went out on the most amazing adventure of your life, write about it. Someone is interested.

Review a product you have really been loving recently, or hating! Go into a lot of detail about it, you might just push someone to buy something... Or completely put them off... Both options are fine!

Share your Instagram photos or Tweets from the past week. Not all of your readers will see every update, if any, so put them on your blog where everyone can see them! So easy to do as well!

Write about a topic you feel really passionately about. Obviously, this topic has to be within reason but if you feel passionately about something, you can write great things about it.

Show us your bedroom. A bedroom says a lot about a person, and therefore it's a great way to allow your viewers to get to know you better!

Write down all the things that are on your bucket list. I love reading bucket list posts, not only does it make me look up to people in a different way, but it makes me add things to mine!

Share an event that happened recently, a birthday party, Christmas, Easter, whatever it may be. Share some photos from your day and tell us what made it special.

Share your favourite memories. It could be from well back in your childhood or just yesterday. A blog is a great place to look back on memories, use it! 

Focus a whole post on a brand that you love and tell us all the reasons you love it. It's kind of just like a big review, but it makes for really interesting reading!

Write a story. That sounds weird but you can write a story that is 5 words long! Let your imagination run wild for one post and see what comes out at the end...

Show us how to do something, for example a tutorial of some kind. I do a lot of makeup and hair tutorials mostly, but it could be baking or even cleaning! Anything you like.

Share something amazing you did. Give us all the details and tell us why you were so proud of it, something that made you feel really good!

List a load of random facts about yourself, something you know very well etc. It's a super easy post to write and it makes really interesting reading for many different audiences!

Show us what you're wearing today. It doesn't take any effort at all because we all wear clothes so all you need to do is take a photo and write a little bit about it! Easy peasy!

Tell us about a time you were really embarrassed... It's like those embarrassing story sections in magazines, they always make people laugh!

Do a TAG. There are so many TAGs out there now, I think it would be impossible to do them all! They're really easy to do and are fun to read if you don't do them too often.

Share an experience you had that effected you in some way, good or bad and tell us why it had that effect on you.

Share some childhood photos. I love these posts because it shows a different side to people and sometimes they can be quite humorous! 

Back to school tips. Let's face it, we all need a little help around the back to school time so why not share some words of wisdom? You might just help somebody out...

You could share your current playlist or your current favourite songs. People will either agree or disagree, or they might find their new favourite song!

Show us what you've been buying recently, a haul basically! Everyone loves seeing what people have been buying, especially stores that don't deliver *cough* Primark *cough*

You could write a post all about where you live, showing people the good - or bad - parts of it and why you love - or don't love - living there!

Alternatively, you could write about where you're originally from if you've moved. You could then also explain why you made the decision to move, what you miss etc.

Do a "monthly favourites" so discuss what things you've been loving this month and why you've been loving them.

Talk about why you decided to start your blog. Every blog has a story and it's always nice to read the story behind it because it's not always what you first see...

Write a list of all the books you would like to read in your lifetime. This will only be suitable if you like to read, but you can gradually check them off your list and feel good about it!

Write advice for people. Sometimes people go through rough patches and need some advice, pick a good topic and write your best advice for anyone going through it.

Set a bunch of goals for yourself and post them on your blog. If a goal is written or posted somewhere you are much more likely to achieve it, and it's nice to read other's goals!

Confidence. I think this is such a huge topic to write about and so many people do it, but it's an amazing topic to write about, in my opinion. Give it a try and see what you think...

Step out of your comfort zone and write about it. Do something really outrageous for your personality (within reason) and write about how it made you feel.

Show us your day in photos. Take a photo of what you're doing every hour or couple of hours throughout the day. It's a different way to share what you did in a day, super easy too!

Do something crafty and show us how you did it. It could be for a specific occasion or just because you wanted to, show us something new! 

Write about your meals today. Take a picture of each meal, tell us about it. I like food. Who doesn't like food? So why aren't there more posts about it!?

Do your good deed of the day. Do something for someone else and tell us exactly what you did and how you felt after doing it. It will always brighten someone's day.

If you're confident enough, share some of your diary. I would never do this personally, but if you have the confidence someone else might have a bit of a giggle, or a cry at your diary entries...

Talk about a time you were really angry about something. Again, this is to do with passion. Passion makes really great writing, within reason...

Discuss why you don't have a YouTube channel, if you don't have one already. Are you planning on making one? Why? Why not?

Do a look book. Take photos of all your outfits this week and share them all in one post. It could be seasonal or occasional, the more unique the better!

Collab with someone... Pick any topic you want and turn it into a collaboration! Still the same post, but it adds a little extra twist to it and makes it more interesting!

Gift guides. I always need help when buying presents for certain people so gift guides are always a huge help to me!

If it has been your birthday or Christmas recently, share some or all of the things you received. I think it's lovely to see what people get!

Educate us on something you are an expert in. Were all really good at something so why not share your specialty with the rest of the world!?

If the idea of doing a whole room tour scares you, show us snippets of your room. E.g. your desk, bedside table, dressing table etc.

5 beauty products under £5, 10 beauty products under £10 etc. Really simple to do if you own a lot of makeup etc.

Show us your makeup collection. No matter how big or how small, it's so interesting to see what products people have and how they store them!

Your morning/nighttime routine. This could be skincare, or just general lifestyle, however you want it to be! And it just goes by your normal day!

Talk about all the things you love and hate about being a blogger or blogging. We all have our love-hate relationship with our blogs and sometimes it's nice to share it!

Tell us all the different places in the world you would like to go. My list would be endless! Then you can go back and look at it later and see if you've managed to check some of them off!

Go for a walk and take some photos them share them with us. Photography is beautiful whether you have years of experience and the best camera or a Nokia camera phone.

Wardrobe essentials. What must you absolutely have in your wardrobe to survive? Everyone is different in this way which is what makes life interesting!

Wow that took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would! Almost got writer's block whilst trying to avoid writer's block! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was helpful to you in some way and I will see you again very soon!

Love, Becca


  1. It's actually impressive that you came up with 50 blog post ideas, I have this page bookmarked now, will be really helpful when I am stuck for what to post!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Alice! I'm glad you thought this would be helpful!

  2. This s such a helpful post Becca, I really need it at the minute as I'm running out of blogpost ideas, I can't believe you thought of 50 xx

    1. Thanks Katie, it took me a really long time though! I hope it helps x

  3. I can't believe you came up with 50 ideas, that's so impressive! I was just reading this and was like 'good one...nice one' at literally every post idea. This is so handy, thanks Becca!x

    1. Thank you Libby! I'm so glad you found this helpful! x

  4. Definitely saving this for when I'm stuck!

  5. This post will be a lifesaver for when I'm stuck! Super idea becca!
    Ellen x

    1. Thank you Ellen!! I'm glad you think this will help you! X

  6. Wow! I will hold on to post for a long long long time haha! I’ve had writers block for such a long time . Thank you xxx

    Ambra xx

  7. Damn Becca really amazing list I honestly almost filled up a whole page with these ideas good job lovely xx Terica